Artist Statement

In recent years, I've taken an interest in the cultural diversity lurking behind the homogeneous urban image caused by globalisation, and I began travelling around global cities in Asia. It's as if I'm an archeologist excavating new sides of a transforming city. I capture these cities as the traces of people's lives from an anthropological perspective. Then within my photography, I try to structure these fragments of urban memories and bring them to the surface. I've been calling this style "Urban Archeology through photography".

Through photographic moments involving a variety of cultural experiences, this "Urban Archeology" allows us to come in contact with these memories in the present as they are being recollected and changing due to the passage of time, while also searching for the city within people's memories. On the other hand, this brings together people's memories which stem from the connections between places and their peculiar cultures, and will probably give us a new perspective from which to question the meaning of human existence.

I'm capturing the "Now" and recreating it anew. I'm engrossed in thinking about how people have built up cultures and the lives they're leading, capturing traces of these cultures in my photography, and wondering whether I can tell these stories through my photography.

Ryoji Yamauchi
July 11, 2015